The Solemn Art of Face Painting

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Here's another photograph from my days as a cub reporter at the Melrose Free Press. I love how serious the girls look. I also like the tight composition (it's cropped a smidge from the right), but I probably should have shot this as a vertical, with a little more of the image showing at the bottom.

I've been working on my clips, which are looking better than I thought they would -- a good photocopier set at high contrast works wonders on even the most yellowed and faded newsprint. Maybe the clips will look so good that no one will notice the publication dates.

I can't believe that, at my age, I'm still struggling with a variation on that old news conundrum: you can't get a job without (recent) clips and you can't get (recent) clips without a job.

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Cori said...

Excellent photo. i too am a big fan of tight compositions... I also love extra close close ups... the both feel intimate!!