Photo Friday: Family

(Click the photo for a larger, clearer image.)

I found a new site to obsess about: Photo Friday. Well, it's new to me, anyway. The basic idea is that there's a weekly theme or assignment, you post the picture to your blog, and submit a link to the photo Friday website. Then everyone can check out each other's photographs. What a great idea, right?

It's killing me that my digital camera is still out for repairs. But last Friday's theme was "family" and I thought of this picture. It's one of my favorites.

I still can't figure out why some of the pictures I post look so crappy online, though.* This picture looks great in my photo program, so I know it's not my monitor. And the funny thing is some pictures come out looking fine and others look all wobbly, like this one. Maybe it has something to do with the sizing? If anyone knows, drop me a comment, will ya?

* UPDATE: OK, I think I have figured out how to make the photographs look clearer on Blogger. The thing is if you are going to post a photograph at 400 pixels, then it looks a lot better if you resize it to 400 pixels before you send it. So I swapped out the photograph that was originally in this post with one that I had resized to 400 before sending, and there is a big improvement in the image quality. Yay.

Here's the thing, though. I set the blogger image settings so that the main page picture is 400 pixels and the archive picture (the image you see when you click on the main page picture) is at 640 pixels. But for some reason when I send a picture that is resized to 400, the archive image stays at 400, too. Hmm.

In order to get the main page image at 400 and the archive image at 640, I posted the photograph twice, in the two different sizes (400 and 640) to my secret test blog (you could also post them to your main blog and then save the entries as a draft). Then I went into the HTML of my secret test blog posts and cut and pasted the HTML for the 400 photo into the edit post field of this blog and -- this is the key -- linked it to the URL for the archived 640 photo. So when you click on the 400 pixel photo above, you are actually going to the 640 pixel archive for an image posted elsewhere.

Maybe there's an easier way to do this. But I've been trying to figure out how to post clearer pictures now for about a month and so I'm pleased with myself for coming up with a solution, no matter how inelegant it may be. So there.

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Katie said...

hey g, it seems so long ago.........
when do you get your camera fixed?
so are you getting all that writin done?
I still think you should come on sunday.