Oh, Go Put on Some Pants, Will Ya?

Just a quickie, 'cause I'm supposed to be writing. But K and I went to see Alexander this weekend and I have a few things to say.

1. Oliver Stone is crazy.

2. I had no idea Alexander the Great had such a boring life.

3. Colin Farrell would have been better suited to play the lesser-known Alexander the Willowy.

4. A quick peek at Colin Farrell's package does not make up for the distracting combination of blonde hair and jet black eyebrows.

5. OK, we get the Oedipus thing. Do everybody's eyes have to be poked out?

6. Were we supposed to be laughing during the battle scenes and the teary deathbed goodbyes?

7. That eagle was totally fake looking. But the elephants did look real.

8. Not one person coming out of the theater looked happy. Confused, yes. Sleepy, sure. But not happy.

9. K says the critics aren't doing their jobs. If they were, we would not have gone to see that movie. She doesn't understand why they don't just say "Do not go to see this movie."

10. Do not go to see this movie.

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