Day 4; A Minor Setback

So, you know the piece of crap excerpt of my novel that I posted this morning? It's a good thing I posted it, because it's all I have left. I'm reformatting the hard drive of my laptop as we speak. And drinking wine. Lots and lots of wine.

Well, at least it happened at 8,000 words and not at 40,000 words. My advice to you? Stop reading this right now and go back up your files. I am so fucking serious.


Anonymous said...

What happened to yoyr laptop - P says there is nothing wrong with ou electricity

Anonymous said...

Craggy Maine Islands do not have marshes - I think you are thinking of someplace else. Even though it seems to be an island, it is not.

Gienna said...

Apparently, "Anonymous" did not read THE STANDARD DISCLAIMER.