Other People's Blogs: Christop

"Then Why Aren't I Flat Anymore?"

Earlier this month I wrote that I was going to post some links to other writers who are participating in National Novel Writing Month and either posting their novels or writing about the process online.

Well, the month is almost over, so we better get started, eh?

First stop is to check out Christop. I found his site by browsing Blogger profiles that list their occupation as the arts. He's at the bottom of the first page, there, see? And he's kind of odd. So I like him immediately. He's blogging his novel at Operation Embryo. The writing is fun and the dialogue is fabulous.

Here's a recent bit I really enjoyed:

'If you're my husband,' she said, 'how come you look younger? And how come you don't look like you've been rolled over by a hill?'

'Rolled over by a hill?' said Tederick. 'But I thought that must've been just a dream!'

Tears welled up in Lois' eyes. 'It wasn't,' she said. 'It really happened.'

'Then why aren't I flat anymore?'

Unfortunately, I think Christop has suffered a bit of a setback. He says he isn't going to be able to finish by the end of the month. Too bad. I hope he keeps writing anyway.

Speaking of writing, there will be more fun "writing NOMO People" tomorrow. Maybe. I mean, there will be more of other people's blogs tomorrow unless something else happens to distract me. And I'm easily distracted, as evidenced by the fact that I'm writing my second blog entry of the day. Actually it's the third, counting the one I lost.

I've passed 30,000 words on my own novel and hope to get to 35,000 today. And in order to do that I have to stop writing this and start writing THAT.

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