My Cat Really Does Hate You

(Click on the picture for a larger, clearer image.)

I have some very, very serious posts about the very, very serious writing planned for this week. This isn't one of them.

You may have noticed that I don't blog about my cat, Daisy, very often. Do you know why? Because My Cat Hates You. Seriously. She really does hate you.

You know who would love the kitty cats on My Cat Hates You dot com? The Hulk. In fact, he would love any kitty cat, even an incredibly mean one. HE WILL CLEAN OUT THE POOP BOX AND WALK IT AND EVERYTHING. It won't be like the Pony! Or Rick Jones! HULK PROMISES.


Eleran said...

Gienna -

The cat site your linked is incredibly funny. And your cat's a real beauty (despite preferring big dogs, I can't help loving pretty much any animal - even cats).

Katie said...

Hey G,
You always get such nice comments on your page. PS Daisy likes me. She sometimes even comes over and purrs! I think the reason for this, is that she knows I am allergic to her.


Gienna said...

Nope, sorry. She hates you.