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I have never written as much as I have in the past 8 days. I passed the 10,000 word mark on my NaNoWriMo novel yesterday, plus I've been more or less keeping to my goal of posting to this blog six days a week. In addition to writing for myself (and the 20 people who visit Gienna Writes every day, which includes my mom) I've also been writing for other people. People who pay me. People who pay me money. And, call me crazy, but that has to come first.

Today I had a really full schedule and I've only managed to write a couple of paragraphs on the novel. Still, I feel bad when I don't post and that distracts me from writing. So what I thought I would do is post some links to other people who are participating in National Novel Writing Month to distract you all from my distraction.

First off I have to introduce you to Graham Waldon. In addition to being a cutie-patootie (he's the one with the pink bow) who likes Celtic Music and The Princess Bride, he started Na-No-Blog-Mo, which currently has 973 posts (973!), each one linking to a person who is blogging their novel this month. I visit every once and a while and scroll through the list to see if there are any ideas I can steal. In addition to blogging about bloggers who are blogging their novel, Graham is also blogging his own novel. And he's blogging about the process on what I think is his main blog, Graham's Page of Stuph. He has, like, a million blogs.

So every once and a while over the course of November, I'll post links to NaNoWriMo blogs I've noticed, either from browsing Na-No-Blog-Mo or checking out the blogger profiles that mention NaNoWriMo or from the NaNoWriMo profile pages. But you should start with Graham, especially since I'm pretty much stealing his idea. That should keep you busy while I work on the book.

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