What do you make of this?

Well, it could be a hat. Or it could be a brooch. Or it could be a pterodactyl.


chiaroscuro said...

A glass dish?

J9 said...

Maybe a hub cap?

Gienna said...

Seriously, people, it's a pterodactyl. Ok, it's not. But I like writing pterodactyl. It could be an Elizabethan colar. Made of glass. Really sharp pointy glass. Ouch. Ok, it's not. It could be a hubcap, J9. It could be a really special hard-to-find hubcap, which would explain why I'm selling it on eBay. It could be worth a million dollars, that hubcap. It could be made of diamonds. Ok, it's not. Chiaroscuro got it right. It's a pink depression glass plate. So much more interesting than a pterodactyl, right?

By the way, I had no idea that's how you spell pterodactyl.