Take that, you nefarious ne'er-do-wells

Blogger has another new feature: Word verification for comments. It's a way to stop automated systems from leaving comment spam. I don't get a lot of comment spam here, but I do occasionally have to delete a comment that touts some financial stock that's about to explode. It happens often enough that I've decided to turn on word verification for Gienna Writes.

What this means is that if you leave a comment you will have to type in a series of computer-generated letters before your comment will be posted. It's not as complicated as it sounds, I promise. Click here for a brief explanation of how it works.

[via Blogger Buzz]


Robert said...

I hope Moveable Type adds that feature soon. I get more comment spam than comments.

The Scarlett said...

Found you via nicoleMart where you had suggested word verification. I just turned on that feature as I've had a plague of spam comments. I just wanted to thank you!

Nice blog, btw!

blogformoney said...

Yeah, I'm glad they incorporated this into Blogger, otherwise I'd have use Haloscan or something.

Mr. Fun said...

With these kids of things, I start to get this intense and overwhelming feeling of nervousness that I will type the wrong letter and then be gunned down. Or whatever happens to people who type in the wrong letters.

- - -

But hey, that's the great thing about having a blog that nobody reads. Nobody spams it.