The psychopath next door

I always wondered how it is that people who know people who are serial killers don't figure it out. I mean, how can you be married to a guy who is murdering people and burying them in your basement and not notice that? Looking at the pictures, in retrospect, it seems so f-ing obvious that these people are not normal. You would think that there would be signs for those who cared to look. And yet they managed to blend into society, to seem perfectly normal, to get away with it. Or at least get away with it for way too long.

I think what really worries me is the possibility that I could know a serial killer and not know that they are a serial killer. It's bad enough that there are evil people in the world. But the idea that they have the ability to hide in plain site is what's truly terrifying. This piece from ABC news, Beware the Friendly Neighborhood Killer, discusses the phenomenon of the "normal" serial killer.

It didn't make me feel any better.

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karenology said...

It is pretty creepy, but then again, the reason why these people are successful at being serial killers is because they're able to trick people (creepy mugshots notwithstanding). I have found blogs of convicted killers online, and they seem pretty normal (apart from the whole "Today I woke up and stabbed a dude, tee hee," of course).