For your Friday afternoon viewing pleasure

OK, here's the thing. I don't understand this. But I still like it. [via Drawn.]

Dude, who stole my face? What is Kipp from Less Than Perfect doing on this site?

Ouch. Current TV is as '90s as an asymmetrical bob. [via Media Bistro]

I have TiVo, so even though I'm interested in advertising I hardly ever watch the ads themselves anymore. But now that I've found this I'll never be out of the loop again (free registration required).

I'm newly addicted to HappyScrappy, who is a friend of a friend. His table scraps posts are hilarious ... but I swear I'm not trying to steal his ideas.

Loyal reader (but infrequent commenter) RCAS suggested this link as an alternative, perhaps, to the now woefully defunct Fifty Words project.

And, finally, if you don't like this entry please don't consider it a failure. Think of it as a deferred success instead (thanks to my friend Susanna for that one).


Devon Ellington said...

Glad I found my way back to the blog! I've missed reading your posts. Will catch up.

Happy Friday!

And I think the sketch is funny.

Sam said...

Hi Gienna, actually, is just a personal blog unrelated to the Fifty Words project (which I didn't know existed). Though that project looks defunct, mine is still going strong. Thanks for linking!