Blog depression need not ruin lives

This PSA on "blog depression" totally describes my current ambivalent feelings toward my own blog, which is coming up on its first anniversary and starting to get to be a bit of a drag. I've been thinking it was time to either change formats, close up shop, or just decide I no longer care if I don't update it every day (or even every third day). Never mind that the faux pamphlet, though funny enough on the surface of it, is actually a dig by Nonist's author at anyone who is lame enough to post about his or her blog life crisis. Or, rather, crises, since "a blog's lifespan is indeterminate, and so a blog life crisis must present itself more frequently as not to miss [its] mark." Anyway, I think that's it. It might be something else.

Ah, who the hell cares, anyway?

[via Blogger Buzz and Zephoria. Also check out this thoughtful post and interesting comments section discussion on The Tattered Coat.]

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Anonymous said...

I love the blog! However, if you want a temporary or permanent break, I'll understand and will keep in touch regardless. You might keep in mind what Tattered Coat said (see Nonist's link): that this can be an outlet for your writing. It can also encourage you to continue to write on a regular basis, for yourself and your readers.
:) rcas