This is not a fish bottle

Ruby Blue

So it turns out my mom is not "all right" after all. Half right will just have to do.


Anonymous said...

Mmmnn...interesting photo, hard to tell what it is even though I know what it is. The red script? MMnnn...

Anonymous said...

okay, here goes...
Cheryl says she would notice if her chair or her easel were missing.
My guesses...Cheryl's paint rag.
and, dried berries, flowers, teasels, basket, and a 3rd world country doll...
otherwise a need a clue!

Gienna said...

So funny about cheryl saying she'd notice if her chair or easel were missing. Or all of her pint, brushes, canvas, and paintings, too?

You've made some good guesses, although it seems like you are now just taking wild shots in the dark.

If Audrey remembers to bring back my card reader, I'll upload a picture later today ... either a correct guess or a hint.

Anonymous said...

No. only her chair or easel. Fran was no good either, it almost became too hard to explain it to them.
I think pollen was part of the problem.

Gienna said...

This maed me laugh out loud:

it almost became too hard to explain it to them.