A double-reverse jinx? Inconceivable!

Every once and a while I get the whole "You have a blog? That's inconceivable!" thing from someone who's new at work or who didn't happen to know that I have one, since I don't necessarily talk about it a lot.

"What do you write about, what you had for breakfast or something?" one of my new co-workers asked me yesterday. And I said "no" but when I showed it to her, of course, Wednesday's post came up.

That's the post in which I wrote about what I had for lunch.

Anyway, hello to the handful of co-workers who learned about Gienna Writes in the past couple of days if their curiosity happened to get the better of them. And, by the way, I do not think that you know what this word 'inconceivable' means."

On a side note, Karenology TOTALLY called it about the reverse jinx. I have news to report on that front, but I don't want to double-reverse jinx anything ... so I'll wait till I'm absolutely certain before I put it in print.

Sorry if that's vague, but all will be revealed soon.


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