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So I can't quit my job (professional satisfaction + steady salary + health insurance = not going to quit my job), but I can fantasize via Funemployed, "experiments in wily world beyond cubicles and comprehensive health insurance."

Check out the fun behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot with a model covered in clear goop. Her writing style is hilarious: "sticking fingers up models’ noses = better than a cubicle."

Love the before and after shots of her garden make-over. She is also very brave: she touches slugs, something I could never, ever do.

And, while I'm at it, holy cow would you please go and check out Steven Cohen's photography website. Sorry about the flash intro, but when you get to the main page, hover over the word "work" and click on one of the numbers. Personally, I am in love with the third set and totally and completely intend to (try to) copy what he's done.

I've been playing with matches lately (did some more this morning that I'll upload soon) and intended to light them all when I'm done and photograph that. Now that I've seen the photos he did of the same subject, I'm feeling a mixture of envy and inspiration. I doubt very much I can match (pun seriously not intended) what he's done with the concept, but I am damn sure going to try.

I need a light box, like, now.

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