Dove's "real women" faked?

If it is true that the photographs for those Dove ads featuring “real women” turned out to be edited and airbrushed, I am going to have to go on an Amazon stampede.

I might even have to sit on someone.

(AdAge explains it so I don't have to and StyleDash has more pictures.)

Edit--April, 2013: Four years later isn't too late to make a correction, is it?

While writing this post on the Dove "Real Beauty" campaign, I found out that the man who said he retouched the photos says his quote was taken out of context. He only did minor edits, such as color correction.

Here's the original AdAge story: Dove's 'Real Beauty' Pics Could Be Big Phonies
And the update, also from AdAgeDove: 'Real Women' Ads Were not 'Digitally Altered'
Here's the original New Yorker article that sparked the controversy: Pixel Perfect: Pascal Dangin's virtual reality

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