Photoshop has unexpectedly stopped making that model look thinner. Report problem?

Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign takes sweet, sweet revenge on art directors, graphic designers, and photo retouchers who use Photoshop for evil instead of for good.

I do love this campaign and their latest volley ... um, unless someone is fixing a photo of me. In which case, can you soften those wrinkles around my eyes just a tad, please? And clone out the weird bump on the side of my nose? And, uh, if you can do that trick shown in the video--the one with the arms and thighs--that would be sweet, too.



Meanwhile, there was a controversy several years ago that Dove had retouched the models in its own "Real Beauty" Campaign. But I just found another article in which Pascal Dangin, who claims he fixed the photos, says he didn't mean he altered the model's lumps and bumps ... he just did color correction and other minor fixes.

Here's the original AdAge story, Dove's 'Real Beauty' Pics Could Be Big Phonies
And the update, also from AdAge: Dove: 'Real Women' Ads Were not 'Digitally Altered'

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