Putting the "writes" back in Gienna Writes

So the results are in for the 24-hour short story contest that I wrote about last month. I didn't win ... but that's OK--I had fun writing the story. Plus, my name got picked for a random door prize, an e-book of my choice. I chose one on travel writing, my dream/fantasy job. I have no idea how anyone makes money doing travel writing. Do they have to pay expenses such as airfare and hotel up front? Does the standard pay for articles in travel magazines even cover these expenses? Maybe it doesn't; maybe most travel writers have the money and the free time to go on trips and if they sell a story about it, so much the better.

Well, we'll see if the e-book answers all my questions. (Come to think of it, I have no idea how anyone makes money writing e-books, either, although I'm sure there's also an e-book on how to make money writing e-books.)

Anyway, I haven't had a chance to read the winning stories yet, but I'm curious ... If you do happen read any of them (see link at the top of this post), share your thoughts, please!

I want to do just a teeny tiny little work to the story I submitted and put back in some of the parts I had to cut because of the 1,000 word limit. When I'm done, though, I'll post it here.

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