Don't trust the toaster

There's a really funny radio ad running right now. In it, a girl that sounds just a little ditzy talks about how she can hear a song that she likes on the radio, push a button, and the radio sends the information about the song to her iPod. Then the iPod tells her computer that she wants to buy the song. She likes the feature, she says, but it's a little creepy, all her appliances talking about her.

"I mean, my shower has seen me naked," she says. "What is it telling my toaster?"

Great line, right?

Yesterday G-mail directed an ad at me for back surgery. And I think oh, that's just a coincidence. G-mail doesn't know that I've had back surgery!

Today I got an ad for a local therapist.

And now I'm worried about the lies my shower and toaster have been spreading about me.


Anonymous said...

you are a very clever award winning writer, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I added you as a flickr contact. I don't want to know what my shower says to my toaster... because if the toaster tells the fridge, it may not open for me to get lunch...