More on how lame I am

Last published on June 18th? It doesn't seem possible.

Audrey May says I have to put something down, so here goes. (Meanwhile, hello, April 10?)

1. I bought a push mower--no engine. It's adorable. You wouldn't think a lawnmower could be cute, but it is.

2. I got two pictures into the Salem Arts Association's "Mementos of Celebration" and met a woman named Ziggy who is also interested in photography and Celtic mythology.

3. Calvin, I hear, has begun showing an interest in pens. Sure, he's only scribbling now, but soon he'll be learning calligraphy.

4. I've been giving it a great deal of thought, and I've come to the conclusion that I don't get twitter.

5. The dog and I went for a long walk in the Salem Forest River Conservation area and I took some pics (mostly of the dog, surprise, surprise):

Sit. Stay. Pose.

You know what else doesn't seem possible? The fact that's all I can think of to say I've done over the last entire month.

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Anonymous said...

I check almost every time I'm on the computer for your blog update! I've been thinking boy GG has been busy for her blog to be so quiet! Can we see your photos at the exhibit?