Oh, the dog in-humane-ity!

I kind of hate to admit this, but I have been sucked into watching The Greatest American Dog. Of course, it's irrelevent who wins, since my dog is not among the contestants. She would totally kick some serious doggy butt if she was.

She would have done especially well in the competition in last night's episode, which was to get your dog to portray a certain word chosen at random (loving, sneaky, lazy, angry, regal, etc.) during a photo shoot. We all know Sadie is very photogenic.

In another challenge on last night's show, the owners had to guess whether their dog would "take it" or "leave it" when shown an item on a plate--a piece of steak, a stick, a piece of tofu, etc. Sadie would have had an unfair advantage in that competition, too. She's a beagle. She would take it every time. Even the tofu.

Meanwhile, Ron and Tillman, who got kicked off last night, were robbed. How on earth did the chick who TORTURED her dog--yelled at him, called him names, sprayed grapefruit juice in his face and put a "snarl band" on his mouth in order to make him look angry--not get eliminated? The photographer looked horrified for the poor dog, who was trying to run away, snapping at the owner, and generally looking very unhappy. And the owner is glad, because, she says, now the dog really is angry. One of the judges said flat out it was "inhumane." And the best part: The woman owns a dog-sitting and pet-care business. I wouldn't let that b*tch within two feet of my dog.

Yeah, I got sucked into the show, but I'm not taking it too seriously.

(OK, yeah I am.)


Anonymous said...

Hey G, I laughed about the take it or leave it, wouldn't all normal dogs take it to at least try it?

Audrey said...

correction, i believe domino would take this contest. she would kill all the other contestants.

wait, is that grounds for disqualification?