Lameness update, part two

I haven't posted any pics here in a while and, since KK asked about it yesterday, here are the two that were accepted into the show in Salem:

Celebration Celebration 2

I think they look better printed and framed than they do online.

I was happy with the way the next one came out, I've been wanting to take it for about four years... it's a long story, which I've already written once. No energy to write again and too lazy to cut and paste so click on the picture if you care to read it, plus some reactions to the photograph and opinions about whether it was worth the wait.

Night delivery

And, finally, my war against whatever neighbor happens to be living above me at any given time continues. The boys currently living in the upstairs unit are not very good at policing their cigarette butts. So I pick them up and leave them on their doorstep:

Police your own damn butts

So far it is not working. My friend vrai suggests several ways that I could get my point across, including this one, my favorite:

"put on your best Betty Paige red and white apron and whip up a nice bowl of red jello with little juicy chunks of cigarette butts. wear your biggest smile as you offer your neighbors the desert you've just made them."

There are others, including one that invovles cat poop. C'mon, who doesn't think cat poop is funny?

Again, click on the picture to get the deets.


Anonymous said...

I encourage everyone who reads this blog to click on "Night Delivery" photo above to read the comments left on flickr.
Truly entertaining.
Excellent photo btw.

Anonymous said...

Hey GG,
I love all of your pics! I like the one star above the garage the most. And your blogs are not lame but very interesting!