You ain't nothin' but a ...

I happened across the Art Helping Animals site via the loose network of people at my company who have beagles and other hounds.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to charity and one of the featured charities is a local beagle rescue organization called Beagles of New England States (BONES).

Since 10-20% of the sale of the artwork goes to chartiy, it seems mean to make fun of them. Do you think it's OK if I make 10-20% fun of them?

The ones of the dogs in bathtubs are among my favorites, as are the ones that seem to have been drawn with crayons, which are selling for $150. Seriously, though, I'm kinda thinking of buying "Beagles with Hats #3".


Anonymous said...

Seriously I could have drawn some of those paintings! Maybe we should be part of a non profit (profit margin of 80-90%).

Sadie's pic should go for $300.

2.5 days left of school!!! Yeah!!

Gienna said...

Ha, I was thinking the same thing abotu the profits for this non-profit/charity fundraiser. $300 at least, but 100% to the poor little homeless beagles.

I've been thinking about how close it is to vacation for you! Yay, and let's get together soon!