An answer and a hint

My mom's latest guess (for more info on what the hell we're doing, click on the tag "stolen photographs," below) was ....


Artifact 1

This object wasn't an easy one to photograph in a different way and I'm not 100% happy with this photo, but them's the rules of the game. OK, I'm making the rules up as I go along, but it seems like a good rule that you should have to post a photo of the object once identified, even if the photo is not very good. I was going for a nice stark white background, but didn't quite get it right. I posted one more photo of the paint rag on my photostream, but I'm not very happy with that one, either.

Anyway, since my mom enlisted the help of friends who turned out to be helpless, she gets a hint:

stolen photos002

There you go!

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Stevyn Colgan said...

Oh ... so it's not the Turin Shroud then?

Anonymous said...

Hint is not a good hint.Sticks, wood, oh...maybe stretcher bars?

Gienna said...

Look closer. The item is actually in the photo.

And Stevyn--it can be whatever you want it to be. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have NO IDEA!
Green? a piece of paper?
I liked the Shroud of Turin comment and can see the resemblance in the paint rag. Maybe the paint rag sould be flat with little bumbs under it.