Kim Carrigan's Legs

My site counter hit 17,000 recently. Based on the search results that people use to find my site, many of these visitors were looking for help with their English homework. If you are here because you need to write a poem with an analogy in it you are really in the wrong place. That's right, Nick, I'm talking to you. And just a head's up: My crappy poem titled "Letter to an Old Friend" is not the one you are looking for. I just have absolutely no imagination when it comes to titles.

Lately I've been getting a lot of hits from people seeking the definition of "the opposite of the Midas touch." It's shit, people. The opposite of having everything you touch turn to gold is having everything you touch turn to shit, OK?

Apparently some of my visitors crave "blue liquer" And many would like (who wouldn't?) to buy a "Dwight Schrute bobble-head doll." A bunch don't know how to spell Micheal Scott, either.

But based on search engine referrals to this site, the vast majority of visitors to this site are obsessed with Kim Carrigan. And her legs. I get lots and lots of searches every week looking for information on Kim Carrigan and her legs. Seriously, is this how you people spend your days? Googling Kim Carrigan's legs?

I think I'll start sprinkling Kim Carrigan references into my posts and see what happens. How quickly would I get to 20,000 hits if I started writing things like "Kim Carrigan in a leather mini-skirt?"

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