What will the neighbors think?

Put my trash and recyclables out the other night and the next morning, when I took the dog out? Someone had dumped an empty bottle of hpnotiq--a high-proof blue liquer made of vodka, cognac, and natural tropical juices--in my trash can, along with a more garden variety bottle of Hennessy "very special" cognac.

OK, so it's a little disturbing to think that someone was outside of my house in the middle of the night, probably drunk, putting their shit in my trash can. Although anyone who would drink Incredible Hulks is probably not that huge a threat to public safety. Is, in fact, probably a girl drink drunk.

(And yeah, we have our suspicions as to who it might be, but let's not get into that right now.)

But here's the worst part, the part that really got to me: Now anyone who walked by my house that morning, along with the men who collect the trash and recyclables, will think that I would ever in my life drink a bright blue alchohol spelled H-P-N-O-T-I-Q.

Seriously, that's just annoying.

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