Crazy upstairs neighbor update

At the start of February, the woman who owns the unit upstairs from me announced she was going to do a quick renovation job so she could put the condo on the market. The whole thing was going to take her six weeks, she said.

That was five weeks ago.

Here is a list of the annoying and/or dangerous things she has done so far:

  • She broke into her unit via the front door, and left for the night without cleaning up the broken glass on the front porch or covering the jagged hole in the window on the door.
  • She borrowed a lamp from me and when I tried to plug it back in it blew a fuse. Later I replaced the bulb, but that one burned out as soon as I turned on the lamp, too. The acrid smell of overheated electronics convinced me the lamp was a fire hazzard -- I threw it away.
  • She left for the night and left the back door wide open as well as the door leading to the basement. And I do not mean she left the doors unlocked, I mean she left the doors open. In the winter.
  • She has twice left for the night with every light in the basement blazing.
And here is a list of the renovations she has done so far:

  • On the first night, she ripped out the carpets (but did not dispose of them).
[sound of crickets chirping]

I get the feeling this is going to be the longest six weeks of my life.

Read the backstory: part one and part two.


abhay k said...

i quite liked your crazy neighbor...interesting. i am a writer too. Just finished my first book Three Generations.
with best wishes!

karenology said...

Mm, a nutbar dangerous neighbor. Think of it this way: it sucks living there now, but the experience will give you plenty of writing fodder later when you're happily living elsewhere.

So, how long is your lease?

Gienna said...

@karenology: 30 years (I own my unit -- or the bank does, anyway).


Anonymous said...

I rather like this Abhay k,
he seems like an interesting man.

Gienna said...

You do realize, mother, that he is 23 and lives in Moscow?

Anonymous said...

Moscow doesn't seem THAT far away

Gienna said...

Hey, J9 -- I see you!

J9 said...

Sometimes the comments are as good as the blog!