Scene 2

Setting: Front porch at night (see scene 1) .

Carlos: "Hi, I'm Carlos, the electrician. I'm here to look at the job upstairs."

Gienna: "Oh, yeah, go ahead on up; it's open."

(Carlos turns to go upstairs.)

Gienna: "Uh, Carlos?"

Carlos: "Yes?"

Gienna: "Do you have a flashlight or anything?"

Carlos: "No. Why?"

Gienna: "Uh, because it's dark out? And there's, ah, no electricity up there."

Carlos: "Ohhhhhh."

And scene.


Marti said...

LOL! Good one!

I've flipped light switches "on" a hundred times when the power was out.

And I kept having to remind myself that I couldn't go to my old blog and tell people that Blogger had locked me out but there was a new place to find me - LOL

Whitewhitch said...

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