ANALOGY (poem)

He says, It is like
You two are in a pool
And the water is emotion.

You (he nods at you)
Are up to your neck,
Saying please come in.

You (he nods at him)
Are outside the pool,
Saying please get out.

After, you have coffee,
And share a cookie.
And agree you liked the analogy.

And he says,
I like how he said
You (he nods at you)
Have gone off the deep end.


Eleran said...

I like how he (I not at him) thinks.

Keep posting.

Nick said...

Is this is a poem you made up or one you copied? Also, who are the people in this poem. If you could reply as soon as possible, that would be nice.

Gienna said...

Oh, I never even noticed that comment from nick, who I'm guessing is looking for help with his homework.

Anonymous said...

This poem compares a man and a woman in a creative and imaginative way. I like it a lot!!!