Yellow Water Poppy

This photo was posted with Blogger--click for a larger, clearer image.

This picture was posted with Flickr--click for a larger, clearer image.

Blogger has a new tool that allows you to post pictures from your computer or the Web. It's fairly easy to use -- click the photo button in the "create post" screen, select the file name (or URL) of the photo you want to upload, choose the size and position and then click to upload the image. Although the process itself is fairly straightforward, it took a long time to get the photo to post (even with a cable modem). The first few times I tried to use it either nothing happened at all or I was redirected to a blank screen. I finally got my picture to upload after about five tries. Not great.

I had been using Picasa's free Hello software to post photos, but that suddenly and inexplicably stopped working a while ago. That's when I started using Flickr to upload and post my photos. Although there are more steps using Flickr it still seems faster and more reliable. With Flickr, you can organize and store all your photos in one place. Plus, the photos automatically post to that cool little slideshow in my sidebar.

Anyway, I didn't set out to write a long entry on posting photos. I actually just wanted to see if the photos looked any better when they were posted using Blogger's new photo tool versus Flickr. So I used the new Blogger tool to post the first photo above and used Flickr to post the second one. So, is there a difference? I think the Blogger one looks better on this page, but the Flickr one looks better when you click for the larger image.

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