Independence From Back Pain Day

I had a really nice weekend--the weather was warm and dry and sunny, the fireworks were spectacular, the food was yummy. Today I am having a microdisectomy. It's kind of a long story, and I'm kind of tired of telling it. It involves a trip to the emergency room, a last-minute change of MRI location, a herniated disk that made everyone's eyes bulge right out of their heads, and a lot of support from the HR department at my new job. I'll be recovering at home for about a week so I'll have plenty of time to write all about it.

If anyone reads this today, feel free to send me some positive vibes.


Robert said...

Lots of ice cream, hot tea, a stack from Netflix, and three books. That's my Rx.

Feel better's orders.

Alicia said...

Ouch! I hope you feel better soon! Back pain is no fun at all. Do you have someone to wait on you all day and a little bell to ring when you need something?

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your back and spine problems. We missed you at the fireworks party on the 3rd. Here's to a speedy recovery! Best reguards, always, Craig