Some Friday Afternoon Reading

Oh, man--this story in the New York Times made me laugh so hard that my office-mate felt obliged to ask me what the hell was so funny. I tried to explain it to her--it's a parody written from the point of view of a book editor who passed on the first Harry Potter manuscript--but seriously, it's even funnier than it sounds. Or else maybe it's the drugs.

You have ordered your copy of the latest Harry Potter book, haven't you? If not, you should add it to your Amazon wish list. As part of Amazon's 10th anniversary celebration, if you make a new wishlist by tomorrow you could win the contents of it (up to $5,000). Also, there's some interesting stuff in the author's hall of fame, including an exclusive excerpt of Stephen King's current book in progress.

* Oops--I forgot to link to "The Editor's Tale" yesterday. Now it's in here twice. That's good, because it's funny enough to read twice.

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