More fiddling with the picture upload thing

Posted from my computer with Blogger.

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to post photos now that Blogger has a new picture uploading tool. You can see my first experiment here. The new Blogger tool lets you post pictures directly from your computer or by entering the URL of a photo that's already online. I posted the first photo (above) using the Blogger picture tool to upload the picture directly from my computer.

The picture looks blurry in the center, where it should be very sharp.

Posted directly from Flickr using a tweaked version of the site-generated HTML.

I posted the second photo (above) directly from Flickr, cutting and pasting the site-generated HTML into this post. Because Flickr's default size for medium photos is a 500 pixel width and my blog's left-hand column in only 400 pixels wide, I had to remove the height from the HTML and change the width to 400, which can sometimes make the picture look pixilated.

Sure enough, the picture is pixilated--it looks terrible.

Posted using the blogger tool and the Flickr URL. I think this one looks best -- what do you think?

Finally, I posted the third photo (above) using the Blogger picture tool but instead of uploading the photo from my computer I first uploaded the picture to Flickr. Then I posted it here by entering the URL for the picture on Flickr into the Blogger tool.

I think that of the three pictures this one is clearly the best. There's no pixilation, no furryness around the part that should be in focus, and the soft background looks nice, too. It involves and extra step--uploading the pictures to Flickr--but I would do that anyway, to make sure I have a backup copy and also so that they will display in my sidebar slideshow.


Just Wandering said...

Hmmm...I've been using the new Blogger upload thing and I didn't even think about whether my pictures would look better using it or someting else.

Chickie Woods said...

Hi, I just wanted you to know that the pictures look beautiful! I have a Mac and cannot figure out how to get my pictures on my blog. I asked my son but I still couldn't do it. Anyway, hope you have a great day, Chickie (Charylene)

Gienna said...

Chickie -- the new tool is pretty easy to use if your pictures are already on your computer or if they are already online and you have the URL. Just click on the button that looks like a little photograph in the "create post" screen (where you compose your blog entry) and follow the prompts from there. There's a blogger tutorial on the new tool here. I don't really know if using a MAC makes a difference, but I will say that if it doesn't work try again--it took me about three times to get it working properly, though I'm not sure what I was doing wrong.