Surgery, stray dogs, mini-facelifts (dot dot dot)

Haven't had time to write about everything I've wanted to, so I'm catching up from the last couple of months in one post. I'll try to be brief ...

My dad had his surgery ... two days at MGH ... everything turned out OK ... some scary/stressful moments ... some funny moments ... he says I should put the funny ones here ... can't remember them now.

Shout out for Pete's birthday ... Got him a really funny present ... and a very serious card ... that jerk scared me, laying there all pale in that hospital bed.

Forty years old (and four months) ... face gone completely mental ... more mental than usual ... blotchy, dull, wrinkled, ugly ... plunked down $20 at drugstore (too cheap to buy fancier stuff) ... bottle promised "mini-facelift" overnight ... wake up the next morning ... look in the mirror to check out my "new face" (sarcasm when alone cannot be good) ... Holy crap it actually worked ... Bought buckets more of the stuff today ... Need to hit hardware store for a trowel.

Found lost dog ... Australian terrier named Riley ... wicked cute ... peed an awful lot ... inside and out ... stayed for a few hours ... played well with Sadie ... returned to happy owner with little tears in his eyes ... it was fun while it lasted ... one dog plenty for me.

Went to Ikea ... bought lots of cheap furniture ... surprisingly heavy for pieces of crap ... rode home with large, long boxes between front seats ... potential for decapitation in event of a sudden stop ... drove 20 m.p.h. on the Expressway ... Had to open the boxes and carry the heavy cheap crap Ikea furniture into my house piece by piece ... took at least one million hours to put together.

Reorganizing the office ... went through lots of papers ... stocked new Ikea bookcases ... put away massive piles of crap ... took me a few weeks ... can't find anything now.

More travel coming up ... this time to Arizona ... hope to see bunnies (cause you know what I always say) ... hope to take pictures ... still editing, uploading pictures from trip to LA ... and Martina's visit from Germany ... and party pics from New Year's Eve, 1999 ... Not really, but still.

New new upstairs neighbors ... this time three boys ... young and stupid but in an endearing way ... extremely polite ... at least they don't call me ma'am.

Busy at work ... what else is new ... Missing Calvin-roo ... How about you?


Anonymous said...

I was sure you were writing about someone else. You can't possibly be 40 yet. But that makes me...42! Hey, what's the name of the gunk you put on your face?


Gienna said...

Oh, you want to know my secret, do you? You won't believe this, but it's good ol Oil of Olay. Someone reccommended Sephora, but I'm not willing to spend $80 on a bottle of face cream, no matter how decrepid I look. So I tried the regenerist line, which promises to even out skin tone ...that was my biggest gripe ... I had these little red bumps on my left cheek that had been hanging out for a few months. Amazing, too, how quickly the wrinkles went from cute little laugh lines to wow--looks like I slept on a wrinkled pillow last night ... and it's mid-afternoon.

I bought the total effects night firming cream first ... it really did work amazingly well. It kind of plumped up my skin and definitely made it look more even, though the red bumps remained. So I got the targedted tone enhancer, and now the red spots are completely gone. Also got the UV defense regenerating lotion, spf 15, for the day, and the total effects 7-in-one anti-aging cleanser wet cleansing cloths, which I like because they're so easy to use. All told, I spent about $67 ... less than the cost of one Sephora product.

Sound like a commercial, don't I?