Hello from Arizona

Arrived in Arizona yesterday. I'm actually here on business, but flew in a day early so I could spend my Saturday off in a slightly different locale than cold and rainy Boston at springtime. The hotel is lovely ... I have a little two-room suite, which is always nice. I'm right near the adult pool, I had the place to myself yesterday afternoon. There's also an outlet mall right nearby ... I am going to have to use the "expand" feature on my suitcase. I got an Ann Taylor Loft wrap dress, a couple of really nice, soft, long-sleeved cotton tops, more dressy than tee-shirts, but just as comfy, and what is seriously the cutest little clutch pocketbook ever for just $12. It is soooo much more fun shopping for clothes when you're happy with your dress size.

The mall is enormous, and set up in a big loop with no cut-throughs ... so once you finally get halfway around it, you realize you might as well keep going--it will take just as long to turn back. I'd say it took me a good two hours to walk all the way around. That should make up for the Wetzle pretzel I scarfed down toward the end of the loop, when I was feeling very weak (physicaly and mentally). Definitely not Weight Watchers friendly. But, to my credit, when I saw her take out a giant housepainting brush, dip it in a vat of butter, and slather it all over the pretzel, I asked her to give me another one without it. There was a time when I wouldn't have bothered. Maybe even licked my lips and said "yum." Looking at that glistening, dripping, pretzel was horrifying, though. Like she had just dipped it in poison. I might not lose any weight during this trip, but I'm going to do my best not to eat poison.

I haven't taken any photographs yet ... It's pretty here, but not exactly photo-inspiring. My ususal "view from here" shot from the balcony of my room will be of a big parking lot and little else. But if I can stay awake long enough tonight, I'll take a picture as the sun is setting, which should make it a little nicer. Or maybe a night shot, with the lights of what I assume is downtown Pheonix showing. (Saw those this morning, since I was up at 3 a.m. and then again at 5 a.m.) Last night I fell asleep around 7, while it was still light out ... combo of the time difference and mall walking.

Hopefully there will be a better chance to take photos today, as I am heading out into the 17,ooo acre South Mountain Preserve on horseback ... I haven't ridden a horse, I don't think, since Camp Fleur de Lis, so that should be interesting. I also have a massage scheduled for later today. I'm sure I am going to need it. Also planning to hit the spa's hotpool and/or sauna and/or what it the really hot but dry one? I love those. Or is that the sauna? Which one is the one with the steam? Oh, that would be the steam room, right? I need to go to spas more often.

Weather here is beautiful, warm in the morning and early evening, about 80 degrees yesterday mid-day. But, you know, it's a dry heat.


No bunnies yet, but I'll keep you posted as to any developments on that front.

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