Dusty trails to you

Couple more of the horseback riding adventure ...

Duncan the photography horse

I was assigned to Duncan because I insisted on bringing my big camera with me, and that freaks some of the horses out. So Duncan is the special photographer's horse. They told me his nickname was "Killer" and said "Wait 'till you see what he does when you take a picture. It's so funny." That's him in the foreground. Obviously he started bucking wildly the moment he heard the click of my camera.

Guide dude Guide dude-ette

Don't remember his name, but the boy guide was a cutie from Texas, and this is his new three-week old pony. She was so pretty, with one brown and one blue eye.

He kept making up stories about the danger of being attacked by wild animals and deadly spiders and such. The most dangerous part was when we went by the golf course. Fore!

The girl guide (here leading Duncan) was also super nice and yes, I forget her name, too.

Pima Crossing Stables

The stables were hilarious--really done up (or down?) for the tourists. Like these fake storefronts and an aluminum trailer that was covered in rough-hewn wood on the outside.


Audrey said...

it's hard for me to comment on this seeing that i have a great fear of horses. where's the pictures of the pooool?

p.s. are you alive?

Gienna said...

Your phobias are almost as long as the list of foods you don't like!

OK, pool pics to come, maybe this weekend--been pretty out of commission for a few days.

Anonymous said...

well I forget what I was going to say about the horses etc, I got sidetracked by Audrey and then started thinking about her move (?)
to the Homestead...and then started thinking About when is Jesse going to come and help with the raking?