Bringing my total 2008 income from photography to $40

This is for all the people who walked by my booth at the arts and crafts fair last year and said things like "Why are you selling these photographs?" Or "Oh, so you're a frame-maker?" I just got a check in the mail from Pacific Yachting magazine (Western Canada's #1 source for boating enthusiasts); payment for the right to publish one of my photographs in an upcoming issue. That's right, jerks, someone paid me actual cash money for one of my little pics.

(I'll bet you anything, though, that they spell my name wrong in the credit.)


Anonymous said...

western Canada? what...? which one?I want more details...D

Anonymous said...

I think that would be 2007 income.
This is 2008, that was 2007.
Love D.

Anonymous said...

completely disregard the above comment regarding what year it is (or was) I got a little confused.