Quilt Show

My aunt, Daphne, and her quilting group had a show at the Beebe estate in Melrose. A very sexy way to spend a Friday night, right?

I practiced some of my indoor event shooting. And came to the conclusion that I definitely need a better flash. Photography is an expensive hobby. The ones that I took with the in-camera flash needed a LOT of editing in Photoshop. And the colors still aren't exactly right--Daphne's shirt (which, of course, she made herself) was a little more orange than red. The natural light ones came out too warm, bordering on tungsten, which I was mostly able to mitigate (though if you correct too much, they come out looking too harsh and cold). Some of the non-flash photos were too soft. The lens I was using is good for low light, but must be focused manually. Soft focus can't be fixed, really. There is a sharpening tool in Photoshop, but I think it makes the photos look fake. The answer is to be more vigilant about focusing. Or, well, to buy a better flash.

Anyhoo, here are some of the pictures from the event ... I still have a few more to edit and upload, but you can look at my quilt show set to see what I've uploaded so far and any new ones will appear there, as well. Some of the photos are marked for friends and family only, so be sure to log in to Flickr if you have permission to see my private photos.

Top to bottom and L-R: Daphne's colorful, fun totes and toss bags, her beautiful handmade scarves, Daphne on "opening night," women examining one of the impressive quilts on display, the artist with Jesse and Audrey.

Daphne's totes

Daphne's scarves

Daphne--opening night

Flash (left); no flash (right):

Audrey, Daphne, Jesse Audrey, Daphne, Jesse

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Kathy Sawler said...

Great to see the photos of the quilt show. (I have your blog as a favorite.) I had no memory of a quilt show for Daphney so nice to see these photos, bad flash and all.