I've decided that I am a hotel pool person. Yes, I live two blocks from the ocean. And I visit my folks' place by the lake once or twice a summer. But really, there's nothing like a hotel pool. No sand, no seaweed, no murky bottoms, no dog poo. Free towels that you throw in a hamper when you're done with them, comfy lounge chairs that don't fold up like a clamshell, snapping you in half if you shift the wrong way, and generally clean and pleasant surroundings. Plus, people bring you alcohol. That's nice.

Worked this morning, but once the conference sessions were over I beelined it for the hotel's pool and spa. Sauna'd and had a pedicure and went to the pool for some lounging in the sun.

And yeah, I probably got a sunburn. But it was totally worth it.

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