Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall?

OK, this is new to me--I'm posting a link to an audio file. It is not suspicious and it will not harm your computer, I swear. Just click on the link and choose "open". It should play automatically on whatever media player you've got installed. And they're only a few seconds long.

The first clip is a rare one of me doing my job. I am trying to record an intro to an online audio interview. I am alone in my office. It is my seventh attempt:

"Hello, this is Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders Media."

I did eventually record the intro. But the digital recorder is also new to me. Here you can hear an example of how adept I am at handling it (that's my voice; I am on the phone with a colleague, oblivious the the fact the thing is recording):

"You know? I know. Right."

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Berto said...

That was brilliant.