Way too much writing ...

... And not enough bunnies!

Shhhhhh. Mmmmm, rabbit stew for dinner!

Took these on a recent trip to Arizona (I was there on business). Sorry for the poor quality -- but it was very early and there wasn't a lot of light and I had to shoot quickly before the bunnies got away. I didn't bother to edit them, but after looking at what oldsads did with them (here and here) maybe I should have. Anyway, edited or unedited, you know what I always say: Any day you see a bunny is a good day.

May I help you?

Ducks aren't bad, either. On the last day of the trip we met this one at the Vista Lounge ... We invited him over to our table, but we made him leave because he was hogging all the snacks. I have some better pictures of the scenery and etc. but I'm still editing and they haven't been uploaded yet. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy the cuteness.

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Anonymous said...

I like the shot with the duck. But nothing tops this ducks photo. One can understand why.(oldsads)