Wedding pictures

I've posted some photos from Kelley and Charlie's gala wedding on Flickr, including a picture of the wedding party that is nicer than the one I posted yesterday. Still has a big stupid videocamera in it, though.

That's my mom and dad on the right -- my dad walked Kelley down the aisle.

It was a lovely wedding and I had a wonderful time. I cried during the ceremony, the food at the reception was delicious, everyone at my table let me drink their champaign, and I danced like an idiot and laughed like a maniac all night long. I did not, by the way, learn my lesson from J9 -- not only did I dance to "YMCA," but I wore one of the funny hats, too. A little white sailor hat. At the time I thought it looked cute but I've seen the pictures and in fact it did not.

My favorite part of the whole thing was at the very end of the reception, when everyone joined hands in a circle around the dance floor, surrounding the newlyweds. It was a very tender and beautiful moment when everybody started singing along with the music ...

"I'm PROUD to be an AMERICAN! Where at least I know I'm FREE! And I won't forget the men who DIED and GAVE THAT RIGHT TO ME! And I'll gladly STAND UP! NEXT TO YOU! And mumble, mumble, mumble. Cause there ain't no DOUBT I LOVE this LAND ... GOD BLESS THE USA!"

It was very romantic. And patriotic.

It was patriantic.

BTW most of the photos are for family only. So far, at least, that means that a whopping two cousins and one auntie can see them. And my mom, who uses my Flickr ID because she can't figure out how to convince the cookies in her computer that she is not me.


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