When did I turn old?

You know what really snuck up on me? Young people laughing at me because I am old.

The first time I noticed it was a few weeks ago, while I was getting my hair cut. The Gap Band's "You Dropped a Bomb on Me" came on the radio. The girl cutting my hair said "I love this song!" and I said "I haven't heard it in so long. What station is this, KISS 108?"

She actually shrieked with laughter.

"What did you say? KISS 108?"

"What? Don't they play this kind of music anymore?"

"No," she said, still laughing and shaking her head. "Kiss 108 doesn't play oldies."

Oldies. Did she say oldies? That song came out, I think, in 1982. That wasn't so long ago, was it?

Next thing you know I'll be starting all my stories with "Why, when I was your age ..." and shaking my fist and calling people "missy" and talking about "kids these days."

It happened again just yesterday. This past weekend I was at Target and a display in the women's department stopped me dead in my tracks. Are those ... wait, are those legwarmers?

Legwarmers! Good God, people, those things didn't look good the first time they were in style. How on earth can they be back? Then, around the corner, I saw something even more upsetting. Footless tights.

What's next, Leggings? Skinny jeans? Gauchos? Slouch boots? Big hair?

So yesterday I was telling this story to someone at work--someone who is, in fact, younger than me--and trying to describe the horror that was long shirts, belted at the waist, worn over leggings. And guess what? She burst out laughing. "Do you have any clue what people are wearing right now? The eighties are totally in again." Later she sent me the picture on the right via email.

Smart ass.

Of all the decades, the 80s are the one I thought for sure would never come back in style. The clothes were hideous then, and they're hideous now.

And I'm not just saying that because I'm old.

Hey, I'm being serious here, missy.

Stop laughing at me!


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

This post was very reassuring to me. I thought I was the only person of a certain age who is horrified at the thought of dealing with the 80's once more.

Good grief people weren't they bad enough the first time?

karenology said...

Ugh, people were actually laughing at you for not finding legwarmers attractive? Anyhow, I'm sure the next recycled fashion trend will pop up sooner or later, you've just got to anticipate it. Corsets and hoop skirts, anyone?

Marti said...

Oh lordie, I know just how you feel - LOL I'm old enough that I'm seeing some fashions come around for the third of fourth time - LOL!

BTS said...

Leggings are fine, as long as they're not worn by the same enormous women who insist on wearing skintight tops that display their bellies.

"Tight ain't always right!"