So cute your head will explode

You know what I always say: Any day you see a bunny is a good day.

Seriously, you can ask anybody. I say it all the time.

Of course, the very best bunny sightings are live. But if I ever need a bunny boost, I know exactly where to go: the bunny page compiled by the cuteologists at Cute Overload™.

First of all, the photos are great -- and they don't just have bunnies, but all kinds of tiny-pawed, googly-eyed, floppy-eared, fluffy-tailed scrummyness.

The commentary is pretty funny, too. I love the rules of cuteness. And when they write dialogue in the animal's voice to go along with the photos.

Or write in a fake French accent a la Pepé Le Pew, eef you know what I mean, mon petit peanut brittle.

It's cute, but it's not sickeningly cute, you know?

OK, I take it back. It *is* sickeningly cute.


[via the comments section of this post on being jennifer garrett.]


Grant Miller said...

Bunnies are so cute they make me ill.

Gienna said...

I know exactly what you mean, grant miller.

karenology said...

I saw a flat bunny on the roadside the other day. That was not a good day :(

Gienna said...

Poor lil bunny.

Maybe I should start saying "Any day you see a bunny that is not dead is a good day."

Jen said...

Love that post...

Great link too (


Anonymous said...

Sadie and I have spotted a bunny,
I was able to get a few photo shots before Sadie's hysterical barking from inside the house, with all windows and doors closed, scared the bunny away.
It's been a good day.