I'm not really sure why suddenly I sound like a turn-of-the-Century snake oil salesman

Hey friends! Did you know you can hire a Professional Artist to make Customized Illustrations for your own Personal Use? Well, it's true! And here's the best part: All it will cost you is one Dollar.

That's right, friends. One dollar.

You want a drawing of a woodchuck playing ragtime piano and singing? That'll be one dollar.

Daring space heroes? 100 pennies.

A moutain scene? One buckaroonie.

Eoghan and his rabid dog, Tipper? A single smacker.

A man in a stylish suit and tie with a donkey head sitting across from a large fat carp, both drinking iron city beers?

Well, that kind of an illustration is a mite more complicated, my friends, and (naturally) more complicated illustrations take more time and cost more money to produce. So that illustration of a man in a stylish suit and tie with a donkey head sitting across from a large fat carp should really cost more than a dollar. It should cost at least, say, ten dollars. But for you?

Today, my friends, it is only one dollar.

Check it out, and if you do buy a sketch from Sketch-it for a dollar (and, seriously, why wouldn't you? I mean it is only one dollar for cryin' out loud) please mention that you saw the link on my site and I will get a free sketch. Not that I need a free sketch. Because -- as I may have mentioned previously -- they are only a dollar.

UPDATE: I'm bumping this back up to the top of the page so I can post my one dollar sketch, which arrived today! It's the best dollar I ever spent! (Plus, look how skinny the illustrator, Michelle Bridges made me!)



Awed Job said...

Your request has been assigned to an artist and will be posted soon. I'm sure you'll like it. Thanks for the post on your blog.

gothamiteknight said...

Lol, I'm glad you liked it, thanks! ^__^