Turdy Little Secrets

According to their site, PostSecret is an "ongoing community art project" where people mail in their secrets on a homemade postcard. The postcards on this highly addictive site are all excellent--creative, unexpected and at times a little spooky. Many of them are pretty similar in tone and execution, though. My prediction is that the final postcard will read, "My secret is that I only pretended that anonymous people sent me these postcards when actually I made them all myself."

And I don’t care what you think … I didn’t send this one.

Also, thanks to Slate copy editor Rachael Larimore for mentioning me in Today's Blogs (I was in this post on Deep Throat (scroll waaaaaay down to the bottom). My secret is that I get a thrill whenever I see my name in print.


Eleran said...

Interesting site. I can think of a post card I might send in ...

Katie said...

Hey G,
Cute site....
What have you been up to besides working extremely hard?