Making an Impression

I think I've topped the time that I fell down in the middle of a crowded newsroom during my first week of work ... On Wednesday I tried to walk out of a meeting in the fishbowl-style conference room (glass walls and doors) without opening the door first.


Keely said...

AGH!!! Those moments that live forever in your mind - and decades later make you blush. If it helps, it is likely only one or two thought it was funny enough to share with their friends -- kidding.

Robert said...

My son boounced off of screen door twice in the space of 20 minutes several years ago. Short term memory apparently isn't that helpful.

Katie said...

Daniel walked into the fire door as he was opening it last weekend. Of course the first thing Lee and I did was laugh, and then we felt bad when we saw the big egg forming on his forehead!

luz de la luna said...

I could never remember a raindrop in an ocean of such moments :-D

If it's possible then I will bump into it, trip over it, or knock it over!