Alien Abduction? Nope, Not a Miracle

I think that people use the term "miracle" way too lightly. Although it's great news that they found that little boy in Utah, it was a ton of media attention and the work of thousands of paid and volunteer searchers that brought him home to his parents. A missing boy found? It's not a miracle, it's a lucky break. Jesus Christ on a potato chip? It's not a miracle, it's a coincidence. Miracle drugs? That's not a miracle either--it's science.

A 12-year-old Etheopian girl, abducted and beaten by seven men who wanted to force her into marriage, who was saved by wild lions that guarded her until help arrived? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a freakin' miracle.

By the way, here are the answers to the top questions from yesterday's post.
1. Teriyaki steak, chicken, keilbasa and potatoes. About a pound.
2. Possibly a torn ligament in my knee. I have no idea--maybe the result of an alien abduction.


Oldman said...

so that was the result of your mri...knee ligs? whats the cure? i have mri's every three months and they ask the same question over and over and over again.... any metal screws in your head? im having one on the 29th and i'll bet $$$$ any metal...

Katie said...

Bizarre, but I was thinking that he was actually abducted by those aliens Tom cruise worships. Actually Tom was asked by a Phoenix reporter "How could he justify doing the War of the Worlds movie, with his scientology beliefs" Tommy was very upset until Stevie said that he should comment positively to support the movie...... 3 days left.... yeah

Shirazi said...

You are a good writer and good photographer.