They Just Weren't Talking About Them in English

I've been at my new job for more than a month now but when my colleagues are talking business I still feel pretty much lost about 50% of the time. There's a lot of jargon, a lot of acronyms, and a lot of fast-talk from people who know exactly what they are talking about. Today I tried to participate in a meeting. "Did someone mention surveys?" I asked. And got these funny looks.

Later, someone explained to me that they had been talking about surveys for the past 10 minutes.

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Alicia said...

I know exactly what you mean! A month just isn't enough time to pick up on all the new language.

I feel like a foreigner who knows how to do her job but just doesn't speak the language yet.

I have a feeling we'll get there in no time and before we know it, we'll know what the heck everyone around us is talking about.