Things I Worry About

Yesterday the dog ate a whole plate of meat that my dad put on the coffee table. My dad doesn't like dogs. Now you know why. Happy Father's Day!

Also, I'm going to have an MRI. You know what makes me nervous about that? That they asked me 18 times if I had any metal in my body. What if I do and I just don't know about it? Will sparks fly out of my butt?


Anonymous said...

Many people have metal plates in their head. (Wayne R. for example)
The M stands for magnetic so I guess your head would be drawn toward the machine...or something like that.

chiaroscuro said...

I've been in an fMRI a total of three times now (volunteering in friends' experiments) and it's actually not an uncomfortable experience (unless you're claustrophobic). I've been tempted to fall asleep in the machine. But before I went in there the first time, I had the same paranoid fear about having metal in my body and not knowing about it. (What about alien implants!?)

karenology said...

It's actually kind of fun and soothing. I am claustrophobic and the only danger really is falling asleep because the machine makes these deep wooshing noises.

Katie said...

Interesting, comments about MRI's but not about the dog eating a whole plate of meat... gross... Did you say to Sadie "No Food for you" afterwards?

Karenology that bunny photo is too cute!